public List<Row> getRangeSlice(ByteBuffer superColumn, final AbstractBounds<RowPosition> range, int maxResults, IFilter columnFilter, List<IndexExpression> rowFilter, boolean maxIsColumns, boolean isPaging)
        return filter(getSequentialIterator(superColumn, range, columnFilter), ExtendedFilter.create(this, columnFilter, rowFilter, maxResults, maxIsColumns, isPaging));


      * Iterate over a range of rows and columns from memtables/sstables.
      * @param superColumn optional SuperColumn to slice subcolumns of; null to slice top-level columns
      * @param range Either a Bounds, which includes start key, or a Range, which does not.
      * @param columnFilter description of the columns we're interested in for each row
    public AbstractScanIterator getSequentialIterator(ByteBuffer superColumn, final AbstractBounds<RowPosition> range, IFilter columnFilter)
        assert !(range instanceof Range) || !((Range)range).isWrapAround() || range.right.isMinimum() : range;

        final RowPosition startWith = range.left;
        final RowPosition stopAt = range.right;

        QueryFilter filter = new QueryFilter(null, new QueryPath(columnFamily, superColumn, null), columnFilter);

        List<Row> rows;
        final ViewFragment view = markReferenced(startWith, stopAt);
            final CloseableIterator<Row> iterator = RowIteratorFactory.getIterator(view.memtables, view.sstables, startWith, stopAt, filter, this);
            final int gcBefore = (int)(System.currentTimeMillis() / 1000) - metadata.getGcGraceSeconds();



     * Get a row iterator over the provided memtables and sstables, between the provided keys
     * and filtered by the queryfilter.
     * @param memtables Memtables pending flush.
     * @param sstables SStables to scan through.
     * @param startWith Start at this key
     * @param stopAt Stop and this key
     * @param filter Used to decide which columns to pull out
     * @param cfs
     * @return A row iterator following all the given restrictions
    public static CloseableIterator<Row> getIterator(final Iterable<Memtable> memtables,
                                          final Collection<SSTableReader> sstables,
                                          final RowPosition startWith,
                                          final RowPosition stopAt,
                                          final QueryFilter filter,
                                          final ColumnFamilyStore cfs)
        // fetch data from current memtable, historical memtables, and SSTables in the correct order.
        final List<CloseableIterator<IColumnIterator>> iterators = new ArrayList<CloseableIterator<IColumnIterator>>();

        // memtables
        for (Memtable memtable : memtables)
            iterators.add(new ConvertToColumnIterator(filter, memtable.getEntryIterator(startWith, stopAt)));

        for (SSTableReader sstable : sstables)
            final SSTableScanner scanner = sstable.getScanner(filter);

        // reduce rows from all sources into a single row
        return MergeIterator.get(iterators, COMPARE_BY_KEY, new MergeIterator.Reducer<IColumnIterator, Row>()
            private final int gcBefore = (int) (System.currentTimeMillis() / 1000) - cfs.metadata.getGcGraceSeconds();
            private final List<IColumnIterator> colIters = new ArrayList<IColumnIterator>();
            private DecoratedKey key;
            private ColumnFamily returnCF;

            protected void onKeyChange()
                this.returnCF = ColumnFamily.create(cfs.metadata);

            public void reduce(IColumnIterator current)
                this.key = current.getKey();

            protected Row getReduced()

                // First check if this row is in the rowCache. If it is we can skip the rest
                ColumnFamily cached = cfs.getRawCachedRow(key);
                if (cached == null)
                    // not cached: collate
                    filter.collateColumns(returnCF, colIters, gcBefore);
                    QueryFilter keyFilter = new QueryFilter(key, filter.path, filter.filter);
                    returnCF = cfs.filterColumnFamily(cached, keyFilter, gcBefore);

                Row rv = new Row(key, returnCF);
                key = null;
                return rv;


     * @param filter filter to use when reading the columns
     * @return A Scanner for seeking over the rows of the SSTable.
    public SSTableScanner getScanner(QueryFilter filter)
        return new SSTableScanner(this, filter);

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